dimanche 30 août 2009

Miss Summer 2009, the Queen of the streets !

Even the Princess needs to work !!!

You don't dream baby, it's really Friday today !

Monday morning framing legging waiting shopping smoking girl !

What a wonderful sunday !

The rocket looking at me !!!! please don't hurt me, it's Friday :-)

Never start a Monday without coffee !!!!

Casual Friday :-)))))

The leopard girl try to attract me in her trap !

Happy week end for a happy fellow :-)

Start well this monday ! Jogging for everybody !!

Oh no, this street photographer is there again !!!!

I'm too class for you Pit !!! I'm a Vuitton girl, Sorry !

Greetings from London :-)))

Last rehearsal before Notting Hill Carnival on saturday :-)

On starting blocks for a great friday :-)

Akbar and his new assistant on Media Me :-)))

samedi 8 août 2009